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Why did my domain expire?

Domain names are typically registered for 365 days, meaning they must be renewed annually. Unfortunately, slip-ups happen. Your payment method expires, your auto renew fails, or you simply miss the renewal date. Your domain expires and your website disappears.

What can I do about my expired domain?

If your domain has expired, Gemini Media Group can help. There may be a grace period in which we can renew and quickly recover your website, or we may be able to repurchase the expired url. Sometimes it is your server or hosting that has expired. We can help with that, too.

What can I do if I can’t recover my domain?

If recovery of your domain is not an option, our team can assist with a Plan B. We have experience with recovering content and images from expired websites. Our team can have your website back up and running within a reasonable amount of time.

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