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Do you think your website has been hacked?

If you have noticed that your website is acting strange, it could be caused by malware, which is how cybercriminals steal your data. Most websites on the internet use a content management system, or CMS, which allows webmasters to manage the data and content on a website. CMS websites must be properly managed and have solid security measures in place.

Symptoms of a hacked website can include:

  • Strange symbols where letters should be
  • Ads suddenly appearing on your website
  • Your website is displaying something other than your services

If these things are happening to you, it could mean your website has been hacked. And that could mean problems for your website’s online presence and ranking.

Hacked websites hurt your rankings!

A hacked website will not display correctly. Your customers may not even be able to visit your website. Ultimately, Google will begin to de-index your website and you will lose ranking on their search engine, leaving you without the exposure your business needs to thrive.

At Gemini Media Group, we can identify malware that has infected your website, diagnose website errors, and provide solutions that will ensure your website is displaying and running properly for your customers.

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