Your business needs a website to compete

by | Jan 5, 2023 | News, Web Design Akron Ohio

Establish your local business online

It’s a fact – Today virtually every potential customer of any business will visit that company’s website before making a purchase or securing a service.

Another fact – Most companies today are marketing to potential customers digitally and driving that traffic to their websites.

What that means is that your business needs an online presence to compete. Whether you have a large business in a big city, or your business is small and operating in a small community, digital marketing is essential to generating revenue and growing or simply maintaining your business. Every business needs a website.

What a website will do for your business

Small business owners may see a website as unnecessary, particularly if the focus of their business is a small local area. But even in small communities, the vast majority of consumers do their research online, checking what products or services are available and reading reviews. A small business without a website is missing out on a significant percentage of potential business, and the benefits go beyond that.

  • Credibility – Businesses with websites are seen as more credible. Your website establishes your brand and, unlike social media platforms, provides you with a unique domain name.
  • Grow your customer base – Why? Because potential customers will find you when they search online for a particular good or service. This includes customers outside of your local region, across the country, and around the world.
  • Better customer service – This applies to new and existing customers, both of whom can immediately get questions answered about goods and services, hours and location, and placing orders. Your website also provides a place to offer deals and make announcements, as well as immediate updating of all crucial business information.
  • Increased efficiency – Your website answers a host of questions that customers would otherwise need to call about. That frees your staff to handle in-person tasks, including working with customers who are on-site.

How Gemini can help

Establishing your website is just the first step. Establishing a quality website is critical to getting the results you want. Today, there is no more important asset than your website for sharing information and distinguishing your business from your competition. That’s where Gemini can help.

  • First impression – It’s often the first thing a potential customer sees so you want it to be attractive and accurate. Gemini provides you with a website you can be proud of. Think of it as your business card or your brochure that you would hand out everywhere you go.
  • Optimized content – Placement is everything when it comes to getting ahead of your competition, so you need concise and useful content on your website that places you at the top of every search. Gemini provides search engine optimization and monitoring, so your website is always up to date, providing the user experience favored by Google algorithms.
  • Professional presentation – An attractive, professional, easy to navigate website tells your potential customers you are serious about the business you do. Gemini ensures your website helps build your brand and highlight your excellent customer service by providing a pleasant and informative user experience.
  • Expand your digital presence – Your website is your doorway to a multitude of opportunities to reach and service new and existing customers. These include linking to social media accounts, marketing and display ads that drive customers to your website, building a customer list for email marketing, streaming and YouTube, and expanding into ecommerce.

What’s stopping you?

Do you believe you already have enough business? Do you think you aren’t tech savvy enough? Are you too busy to manage a website? Our experts are ready to help.

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